About Pharez in Christ Evangelical Chruch

Phares in Christ is on a journey of faith, courage, and excitement into a yet undiscovered world. Our hope is on this exiting journey, we are certain that we are not traveling alone. As the Israelites traveled with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, so God directs every step into the future. We are here to participate into Godís mission and God is the one who guide us, lead us, and provide us during this journey of faith.

The Phares in Christ Evangelical Church Church was born in the heart of its first Pastor . The vision was received from God Himself . The Phares in Christ evangelical church was resulted from a bible-study group . During the first meeting there were only two people presented.

Through the prayer ministry and study of the Word a broken soul was encouraged. After six months of prayer and bible study the group decided to start a formal fellowship by finding own space. Accordingly, in January 1, 2013 organized worship service started at Zion Evangelical Lutheran church by renting a room that we currently use as a worship space.

The church is going through a fundamental change in the congregation's conception and in the implementation of the God given vision . Our theology is centered to make discipleship following the Christís footsteps. We are striving to create the atmosphere where our congregation are exploring and rediscovering what it means to be Jesus' sent people as their identity and vocation. Phares in Christ Evangelical church is a healing community where people carry each other's burdens and help restore gently. Vision

Proclaim the gospel and reach out Ethiopians scattered throughout the world with and through the different member churches, fellowships, and ministries Equip and develop leaders to serve effectively in and through their respective organizations. Assist member organization to attend and serve to meet the economic, social, and political needs of scattered Ethiopians and in Ethiopia. Create and strengthen relationship among members and organize forums to come with common purpose, vision, strategy, program, and ways of implementation. Enlist and deploy resources as good stewards of God.

Witness to Ethiopian Nationals through print, audio and electronic media. Organize and facilitating annual conferences and leadership seminars. Facilitate Christian leadership training in response to expresses needs of churches and fellowships. Provide a forum for Communication Corporation and consultation among Ethiopian congregations, ministries and individuals in their efforts to reach Ethiopians with the Gospel. Counsel new Christians and helping them find fellowship or churches in their local area. Publish Christian journals and newsletters, and provide cassette and video ministry.