Proclaim the gospel and reach out Ethiopians scattered throughout the world with and through the different member churches, fellowships, and ministries Equip and develop leaders to serve effectively in and through their respective organizations. Assist member organization to attend and serve to meet the economic, social, and political needs of scattered Ethiopians and in Ethiopia. Create and strengthen relationship among members and organize forums to come with common purpose, vision, strategy, program, and ways of implementation. Enlist and deploy resources as good stewards of God Learn More »


Pharez in Christ Evangelical Church was born in the heart of its first Pastor . The vision was received from God Himself . The Phares in Christ evangelical church was resulted from a bible-study group . During the first meeting there were only two people presented. Through the prayer ministry and study of the Word a broken soul was encouraged. After six months of prayer and bible study the group decided to start a formal fellowship by finding own space. Accordingly, in January 1, 2013 organized worship service started at Zion Evangelical Lutheran church by renting a room that we currently use as a worship space Learn More »

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